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    The Emporia Studios team delivers complete expertise for all of your photography and video production needs. We produce compelling content that is effective in promoting your brand. The Emporia Studios team pushes the limits of storytelling to help drive your message across to your intended audience. Emporia Studios identified six key stages required to create the most powerful and effective content for your business.

    1. Assessment & Quote

    A Emporia Studios producer will assess your production needs, concept, timeline, audience, and scope of your content production. Then you’ll receive a proposal or quote that will help you achieve your marketing goals. This stage is completely free!

    2. Pre-Production

    Work closely with a Emporia Studios producer to expand on ideas, and to push creative concepts for your content production. Our producers will manage meetings, scripts, schedules, production crew, and everything in between to help propel your project to amazing heights!

    3. Production

    This is the moment for your content to shine. The Emporia Studios production crew work professionally and efficiently to make your job easy, and your content shoot perfect!

    4. Post-Production

    This is the stage where Emporia Studios editors and motion graphics artists pull together all the elements of editing, animation, graphics, voice over, music, and color correction. The Emporia Studios post-production team creates the final vision to tell your project or company’s story.

    5. Deliveries

    The final product is complete and ready for delivery! The Emporia Studios team will deliver your content in the media that best suits your marketing goals. Digital files for your website and social media, or any other form of delivery; including web hosting and live web streaming.

    6. Video Marketing & Promotion

    Let our Emporia Studios marketing professionals work with you to promote your campaign online! From your website to social media and YouTube; your content is searchable, marketable, a key way to drive traffic, and analytical tracking to meet your company’s marketing goals!

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