Studio Production

    Green Screen

     Don’t have a great location to shoot your video? Our green screen studio can provide a more dynamic backdrop, providing ultimate control and visually stunning graphics and animation.


     Emporia Studios is the perfect place for your corporate event with an exciting experience ! We’ll make sure your  event  is one to be remembered!


    Emporia Studios is proud to offer a variety of  workshops  for those interested in video, photography, acting etc. We also provide various courses for those eager to learn about lighting, photography, equipment, and software. Sign up for one of our classes below and let us help you take your skills to the next level.

    Casting Studio Rental

    If you’re looking for space to hold your casting audition sessions, look no further! Whether you need just the studio audition space or want your session fully recorded with professional video, sound and lighting, our studio is for you! Emporia Studios offers free wifi , our  facility has everything you need.

    Actor Services

    From actor self tape auditions, demo reel editing, acting classes, workshops, and private coaching, Emporia Studios offers professional actor services that make you the star!


    We can even put together an electronic press kit to help promote your video once complete. An EPK is a great way to make a first impression that stands out. Contact us to speak to one of our producers and find out how we can assist with your next music video production.