Video Production

    Our production team helps clients reach their audience in a way that no other medium can provide. Video evokes different kinds of emotions and connects the viewer to a product, a service, a person, or an experience. This is why our producers work so diligently to provide our clients with creative and dynamic videos. We love creating our clients’ corporate stories. Let our team build that bond with you!



    Commercial video production for broadcast can cost a small fortune. Emporia Studios will produce a highly polished video without breaking the bank.

    Music Videos

    As one would guess music videos are quite fun to work on, and here at Emporia Studios we never turn down fun! Music video production budgets can vary greatly depending on the proposed concept. If you have a video concept in mind then let us know, or ask for our creative input


    Creative content such as documentaries and short films will always be part of who we are. Please let us help you with your film project

    Video Production Crew

    Our professional crew arrives ready to roll! The Emporia Studios  production crew has extensive experience to make you look and sound your best.

    Company Promotional Videos

    Promote your business with a company profile video that tells your corporate story and showcases what makes you the best in your field.

    Product & Service Videos

    Emporia Studios will capture the features and effectiveness of your product to help translate your viewing audience into customers.

    Event Videos

    Capture the highlights of your event with an exciting video! We’ll make sure your event video is one to be remembered!


    Testimonials & Interviews

    Harness the power of interview videos to promote on your website and social media. Utilize that personal connection testimonials convey to draw in new clients.